Our Projects


Easybikes is an on-demand city transporter in Chennai, that transports any product, to any place the user desire within the city.

Challenges :

Real time tracking of the bikers, Real time collaboration between User interaction, biker action and admin management. Improper GPS data and low internet speeds on mobile.

Our approach :

We rolled out multiple apps targeting multiple stake holders, each built with redundancy and fail safe mechanisms. This allowed constant monitoring and managing of all orders and bikers, in a real time manner. Built in data analysis allow better fleet management and routing to ensure quicker response time and better user experience.


HeroTalkies is an on demand, digital streaming channel that offer legal movie streaming services in HD quality through their web platform. As a market leader, they were losing traction to competitors due to the lack of mobile apps. They approached us for development of app for mobile and tablet in the iOS and Android platform, providing the same seamless, smooth web experience that they already were offering.

The challenges :

HLS streaming of content, Subscription based user management, Short deadline and fixed budget, Geography based access restriction

Our approach :

This project required rapid prototyping on one side and test driven R&D on another. We rolled out daily builds of the apps, simultaneously working on the design and functionalities with constant feedback from the client. By the time the client was ready with API access, the framework was completed and the UI was frozen and it proceeded from that point onwards with continuous integration of UI and functional features.


Lighthouse L.L.C, approached us to build a website, mobile applications for iOS and Android with a powerful backend system to manage their Loyalty program.

Challenges :

Constantly changing vendor category and inventory, Geo location based rendering

Our approach :

We build them a website and mobile applications with a robust backend system that can handle the constant changes in the inventory and can easily render on the mobile applications without any lag. We also made the UI of the applications driven from the backend, so the admin can change the flow and feel of the mobile application in real time.


HomelyPG is an online market place for safe and secure paying guest accommodations in Bangalore.

Challenges :

Constant enhancements to the feature list and UX flow of the system.

Our approach :

The entire front end website is driven by the robust backend and every element in the website is configurable from the backend. This includes the work flow of the user experience as well. We made sure that any change requirements of the client can be managed and administered from the backend.

Royal Sundaram

Royal Sundaram is one of the leading general insurance companies in India, offering online insurance policies for health, travel and car. Client wanted to build their internal Newsletter Portal, which includes a responsive Frontend system (internal website) and a backend system to push contents to the front end.

UI has to be customizable incuding the layouts, constant content changes, multi responsive rendering for changing layouts.

Our approach :

The UI of the intranet can be configured and customized from the backend including the layout. Even with such changes to the basic layout, the intranet has to be responsive and accommodate the changes seamlessly.

Amazed clickers

Amazed Clickers provide a range of specialized photography and videography services for all occasions.

Challenges :

A single app that should allow three types of users to login. (Admin, Promoter, User). A short timeline for building the app.

Our approach :

The client had a basic idea on how each user type would be accessing the system and the flow but wasn't clear on the roles. We created a dynamic rule at the backend system which would enable the users to fluidly change roles and thereby their access in the system. A single app contained all the workflows of the various user types and depending upon the role, the UI, the UX and the functionality changes


GetFyt is a fitness enabler which allows the user to try out any gym near them for a daily and monthly packages

Challenges :

Unlike other gym applications that cater for monthly, early subscriptions, Getfyt need to issue passes for daily, monthly passes for one user who can choose any gym them wish.

Our approach :

With a powerful backend driven system, we were able to address the challenges of one user, multiple timings and different choices of gyms all mapped without flaw with an effective payment gateway integration in place


Mobile and web application that enables employees at IT parks to place an order from the comfort of their offices have the food picked up when the order is ready

Challenges :

Multiple selection of food with corresponding add ons. For these items, increment, decrement of food items, add ons and their respective cost posed as a great challenge.

Our approach :

With an effective backend and logical approach, we developed the app and backend in shortest time frame.