IoT (Internet of Things)

We connect your digital world to your physical.

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT connects the digital and physical world through sensors and devices that can trigger data exchange. Panamon Technologies offer intelligent solutions that are easily deployable for various industries that can gather data through sensors which can provide valuable insights.

Panamon Technologies has worked on providing IoT based tracking system for a client in the health and fitness vertical. The client wanted to use the IoT based solution for user tracking.

Panamon Technologies, is currently working on an agriculture IoT project. The smart irrigation based on IoT enables the farmers to gauge weather, humidity, soil moisture conditions thought sensors and help them in irrigation. This project reduce water wastage to a great extent.

Retail, Energy and Manufacturing are the areas Panamon Technologies is looking to venture in developing projects based on IoT.

Why Panamon?

Panamon’s expertise in web development and mobile development ensures fast launch of products. If you are looking for a reliable team with not over exuberant costing, then Panamon should be your choice.

Data Protection

We follow robust practices conforming to the Data Protection.

Disaster Management

Disaster management setup with daily and weekly cloud backup.

Intellectual Security

Our clients have complete control and possession over any intellectual properties.

Technical Security

Firewall protected / USB access restricted etc.